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★~秋良~™れいた©Kin no ♪kanky♪ psychedelic☆ Watashi♂+♀葵

Uso wo tsuku, nazo wo toku

♣ 明☆Akiraღ †


Journal&Profile layout credits : jrockxstar ; FO banner : meh too!
moodtheme : milith.

Currently using jrockxstar layout &header, I edited the layout. Her header is simply gorgeous but I think I'll do my own later on.

♣ ♤ ♣

I've mixed my profile with two different layouts [so far XD] and credited each of the makers

♣ ♤ ♣

ღ Seventen; Crazy; Dork; Sensitive; Aoi worshipping; Laughing; ღFriends; Photoshop; Asian drama; Fantasy – Sci fi books; Grinning; Noisy; Way too tall; Geeeeeek; Computer; Not enough sleeping; music; drums; can’t bear highschool; looove eating [**chocolate**]; msn, sims2; my pets :3 ; Broke o,o; Creativity; fanfic writer; Loves AoixReita™; can’t bear j-pop YES; curious; interested in foreign cultures... Is that enough ?? X3 I don’t know what to… add… for the moment ^,^’’.

Profile layout originally from das_porno_uke. I took it from kuribati
Editing (the picture~) made by me.

†xxx.★h Shit.xxx†

ღ† ♣ I was stamped as Aoi on gaze_rating ♣ †ღ


I claimed [葵]Aoi's manrliness and [れいた]Reita's hair on gaze_claim

I am the fucking Sheldon of Livejournal [The Big Bang Theory♥]

♣xxx.Oh Shit.xxx♣


【~ღ †~ It Was Done Too Much~ღ †~】



♣I am a procurer☆

I claimed ღKei at claim_a_jbitch

I claimed †Ivy at claim_a_jbitch

I claimed ♣Tsukasa at claim_a_jbitch

Claimed Bidou Granmanie from Yukan Club @ kattun_claims

::~~ Awards ~~::
☆彡 ~( ^∀^)ノ

made by chiqun

all the three above made by ayu_t


*** About my graphics ***
-- I don't own a lot of the brushes-textures I use. I DO create some. But for those that I found on the internet, I'm sorry I did not keep the name of the maker...... SO, if you see a brush of you, 1st I don't claim it as mine, as you can see it (;P) but tell me so like that I'll credit you here in my profile. And sorry again >,<' [can check my resources list here ^,^]
-- And don't STEAL my graphics!! I don't claim thing that aren't mine as mine, so do the same! Credit!
-- Thanks ! ^,^



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